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Enjoy Incredible Holiday by Booking Your Flights with Air France Phone Number

Detroit is easily one of the coolest places to enjoy your vacations in. Here there are plenty of opportunities and great fun activity that can keep you engaged throughout the day. The city is rich with art, music, history, cars, sports or nightlife, you choose whichever area you wish to cover. Spend some quality time at one of the best artwork which is brought here from around the world. Ride a bike and enjoy the riverfront and enjoy some cool beer at night during the live music concert. Get your flights booked with Air France Phone Number and enquire about the discounts you will be eligible to enjoy.

Air France Phone Number

Find Some of the Coolest Pieces of Art at Detroit Institute of Arts

We all know that Detroit is quite known for its cars and music, there is a whole different dimension to it. And that’s its beautiful nature with nourishing sceneries. The city takes great pride in museums, galleries and street art, which not only it preserves but encourages.

Visit the Detroit Institute of Arts, which can easily be counted amongst the world-class museum with its art collections featuring over 100 galleries in the hall. Here you will find the inner courtyard of the museum featuring the popular Detroit Industry frescoes by Diego Rivera.

Do Try a Walking Tour

The most classic and tested method of feeling a city is by taking a walk around the town. The weather is pleasant for walking here only if it’s the winter. Go ahead and enroll for the free walking tours with the Detroit Experience Factory. The tour is on every Saturday, so don’t miss out this opportunity. You can book via Air France Online Booking in a hassle-free manner.

Indulge In Some Cool Activity at Belle Isle

One of the top-notch parks in the entire state, Belle Isle is an island located in the Detroit River in between Michigan and Ontario. Here you can enjoy downtown Detroit and also Windsor. Since its recovery, you can enjoy greenhouses at the conservatory as well the aquarium and hit plenty of golf balls or you can choose to just lounge on the beach.

Fly with Air France Airlines, offering great deals and offers. So, book now!


Find Beautiful Scenery of Campus Martius

Campus Martius which stands for ‘Field of Mars’ is a nice hanging point for you if you are here for the first times. Since it got restructured in 2004, the park now preserves sculptures, gardens, a fountain with a few places to grab a snack or a drink here. But, if you are planning a trip during the winter season, you can enjoy the popular ice skating rink available here.

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